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Saturday, August 2, 2014

An Award? Really? Wow.....

In the second week of July I received an amazing email saying that this blog had been nominated for an award.


Okay, that was my first response. I seriously couldn't believe it!! As I continued to read, I learned that the award I had been nominated for is called the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I had been nominated to receive it by a wonderful writer and pit bull lover named Sabrina, who not only helped to found the organization Pits4Peace, but also runs a blog titled Books and Bark over at WordPress. 

Needless to say, I'm honored beyond words that Sabrina thinks this blog is not only award worthy, but inspiring as well. I started this blog with a very specific goal, which was to have a dedicated place of information, resources, training tips, all with a little bit of fun thrown in, for pit bull owners and admirers. Above all, I wanted this blog to be seen in a positive, happy, and friendly light, which is why I do not feature abuse, rescue, or adoption stories.

Being nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award tells me that I've achieved that goal, and that means more to me than words can say.

Now, this nomination did come with a few rules. And here they are!

  • The nominee shall display the Very Inspiring Blogger logo on his/her blog, and link to the blog they got nominated from.
  • The nominee shall nominate fifteen (15) he/she admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it. 
Sadly, I do not follow anywhere close to fifteen (15) different blogs, I just don't have the time to do so. Therefore, I am going to nominate the blogs I do follow that I believe are inspiring. This may disqualify me, but it's the best I can do!

So, on to the blogs I find inspiring!
Pits4Peace Logo

  • Pits4Peace: This organization served as the main influence in creating my blog. Their dedication to pit bulls, and pit bull type breeds, is beyond amazing. Their mission to educate, and advocate, for the breed is inspirational indeed. 
  • Bad Rap: This blog is one of the best resources for pit bull lovers out there. They have some of the best information available, if you have a question, they probably have the answer! They actually have two different blogs, each one with it's own focus. Each blog is worthy of this nomination, so I'm not going pick just one! Bad Rap is very active in their community which is crucial in the quest for spreading the word about pit bulls. Way to go, Bad Rap, you've created an amazing place for pit bull fans!
  • Reflections of a Book Addict: This is a blog I recently started following, but as an enormous book lover, it quickly became a much visited site. The writer of the blog, Kimberly Denny-Ryder, does an excellent job of not only providing detailed, dead on book reviews, she keeps her readers interested with witty, fun language. I've always been the type of reader who sticks to a small list of known authors, but after discovering Ms. Denny-Ryder's blog, I've branched out and stumbled upon some wonderful new authors. 
As I said, nowhere near fifteen! Either way, Sabrina at Books and Bark has made my year just by nominating me for this award. The blogs I mention above are truly inspiring, and hopefully you will all think so, as well. 

Thank you, everyone, for reading! I will continue to use my voice in advocacy of pit bulls, and as long as I have one reader, I'll keep on posting. 

Live happy and love dogs!  

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