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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Why I Do What I Do

A few months ago, I came across this website, It's a Top Ten List of  the Most Dangerous Dogs. I'll give you three guesses which breed the writer of this column brands as the Number One Most Dangerous. I'm betting you'll only need one of those three guesses. 

This website, and the subsequent comments, were a vibrant reminder for me. A reminder on the reasons why I write this blog, and why I've dedicated myself to spreading the word regarding the truth about Pitbulls.
Sometimes it's a good thing to get that reminder. It helps reignite that passion, that fire inside each of us that drives the need to share, to educate, and to reaffirm to any and all that animals like pitbulls are the victims. It also gives everyone an opportunity to spread the simple happiness that loving a dog of any breed can bring.

It's also a reminder that WE have to be the voices for this targeted breed, our beloved pitbulls.

I try not to engage in arguments with anonymous people on these types of websites. It serves no purpose and does nothing to further our cause. I simply try to point out facts and get some real, educated information out there so that other visitors to these sites have a positive angle to balance out the negative. 

I encourage all of you wonderful pitbull lovers to do the same. The more our voices are shared, the more people we can reach! Let's change some minds so we can change some lives!