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Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Video Worth Sharing

So I was browsing through Facebook this evening and I came across a post that one of my daughter's shared from a Funniest Vine. Now normally I don't watch videos that are more than 5 seconds long, but this particular Vine caught my heart immediately, so much so that I knew I had to share it with all of you.

The link for this Vine is

It's a truly amazing story about the bond and love that can develop between humans and dogs. Trust me, you won't regret following that link!

Thanks for reading my blog,  keep spreading the word about how lovable, loyal, and wonderful pit bulls truly are!

Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm Still Here...

Hi Pit Bull Parents and Friends!

I just want to let my wonderful readers know I'm still here and I'm still writing this blog. 

Not only have I been swamped with school, family commitments, and work, I've had two head colds and the stomach flu, all in two short weeks!

I'll be posting a new article soon. In particular, I'm excited to share with all of you a website I found that will make you a custom t-shirt with your dog's (or any) picture on it! The owner of the site is a pit bull supporter, and besides doing custom work, keeps his prices affordable. He also sells hard to find sizes. But more on that later!

So keep an eye out, I'll be back soon with a fresh and exciting new post in a jiff! 

Remember to be a Breed Ambassador and spread the word about our favorite furry friend!

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