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Remembering Concobar (Con)

Con and her brothers on her first day home

Right from the start she was a Comfort Queen!

Begging for belly rubs from big sis, Cheyenne

Con made herself a breathing hole!
And she liked to kill balls!
Giving her daddy some loving

Basking in the sunlight, one of her favorite things

The amazing balancing Con!

Con says, "What am I doing here??"

Con checking out the camera

The floor won't do, there must be a blanket to lay on

Daddy showing off how much she's grown!

Con standing on top of her kennel

Can you see her sticking her tongue out?

Con getting snuggled by big sis, Nicole 

We call this Con's bored face

She couldn't quite make it under the blankets

But there always had to be a blanket, on it, under it, on top of it!

Trying to catch a nap

Con looks like she's getting annoyed with the camera!

Big sister Cheyenne finds a comfortable spot for a nap

Forever will you be missed, Con. We love you. 

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  1. What a cute name! We have a pittie-border-rottie mix, but she has so many pittie characteristics! She's been trained not to climb onto the furniture, but she's a total cuddlebug just like Concobar. Honestly, her worst crime has been snuggling us too much. :P Blame the deed, not the breed!