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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Still Seeking Your Companions

I'm still looking for pictures of your dogs to add to my Pitbull Parents Showcase. If I get enough pictures, I'll spotlight a different dog each week, accompanied by a story you'd like to share about your favorite companion!

Blogger has added a great new gadget, a contact form. If you'd like to see your dogs pictures on this blog, please use that form to let me know! I think this could add a fun, and personal, element to my blog, and give all of you wonderful readers a chance to show off your best bud.

Concobar laying with her belly up
Goofy Pictures

Concobar wearing a graduation cap
Pictures your dog wishes you wouldn't share!

My daughter, Alexa, and Con, snuggling while asleep on our couch
Sweet pictures

Concobar sleeping on floor with only her head buried under a blanket, rest of her body is visible
Pictures that'll make others laugh
I want them all!

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