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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Weary Walker

One of the most commonly voiced complaints among Pitbull Parents is how frustrating it can be to walk your dog.

Why, you may ask? If so, I envy and hate you all at once! Because if you have to ask, you are in the company of the lucky few whose dogs behave on the leash. 

As i've mentioned in previous posts, Pitbulls are very high energy dogs. Exercising them helps to bring that crazy energy down to a manageable level. But, getting that exercise in the form of a walk can be a trying time for both dog and owner.

Con goes crazy as soon as the leash comes out. The whip-tail whacks about, she spins in circles, and runs back and forth like a mad thing. 

I let her do this for a minute or so before giving her our "enough" command in order to let that energy level come down a few notches. Then I attach the leash.

This manic behavior used to continue out the front door and throughout the entire walk. Concobar pulled on the leash so hard I'm surprised she didn't pass out from her collar choking the breath out of her. The whole walk was an act of punishment for me, and unsatisfying for Con. Needless to say, not a lot of energy was expelled during these frustrating "walks". 

I tried many different things as I attempted to gain control over Con's pulling. There were harnesses, extended leashes, shortened leashes, head collars, and finally a pinch collar. None of these items had any affect on Concobar at all. She still pulled like a champion. 

So I started researching training tips. I employed a command, "Con, NO PULLING". The entire neighborhood laughed as I yelled this phrase down the street, while being dragged by my dog. None of the training tips I found on the internet or in books helped, either. 

I was just about to give up, and accept that Con would always have the upper hand on our "walks". Then, I heard about a thing called the Weiss Walkie. One of the pitbull communities I found in my area, called the Brew City Bully Club, was advertising them on their website. I read the blurb they had, saying that many pitbull owners experienced success while walking their dogs with the Weiss Walkie. I was skeptical, having already tried so many different products I was reluctant to spend anymore money on something that probably wouldn't work. But I looked at Con, knowing she needed me to try something else, for both our sakes, and spent the $20.

That decision forever changed the way I would walk my dog. From the very first walk with my Weiss Walkie, I could finally say that I had the upper hand. Con still tried to pull, but as soon as she felt the pressure around her barrel, she stopped. It was like magic! I couldn't believe it. And from then on I have become a champion for this simple device called the Weiss Walkie. 

If you're struggling to walk your dog without having your arm pulled out of it's socket, I highly suggest you check out the Weiss Walkie. A video featuring the Weiss Walkie, and how to use it, can be found on YouTube. It can be purchased on Amazon, Love2Pet, and Ebay. Also, there's a Facebook page, if you'd like to check it out. 

Happy walking!
Con, waiting to walk in her Weiss Walkie

The Weiss Walkie wraps around the middle and clips to the collar. Totally secure!

This is about as far as Con can pull in the Walkie.

First, clip it to the collar. 

Then, wrap entire leash around the barrel, bringing the handle towards the metal ring. 

Feed leash, handle first, through metal ring. 

Then you're ready to walk!

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